Miya Turnbull: Inward, Outwards

November 12, 2022 — February 9, 2023 (closed for university break December 10 – January 9)
Opening reception and artist talk: November 12, 2pm

"I am drawing from the traditional uses of masks worn for disguise, transformation and protection, as well as a metaphor for persona, archetypes and identity. Each different self-portrait is a way I can explore variations, my experiences, perceptions, inner world and my mixed Japanese Canadian heritage, making these visible, tangible and wearable. Ironically, I am placing my likeness on the front of the mask at the same time concealing my face behind it. I can then manipulate how you see me and reveal only certain parts of me. I'm particularly interested in the liminal space between defined margins; private vs public (what we present to the world and what we hide), ‘beauty’ vs 'grotesque' (shifting or blurring the line between), and bi-racial identity (duality and 'in-between-ness')." – Miya Turnbull, artist statement

Curated by: Dr Laurie Dalton

Annual Acadia Art Exhibition

September 17 – October 22, 2022

Thinking of the best way to celebrate this occasion, and realizing it has been now three! years since the presentation of the much beloved community art exhibition (normally held in January). We have decided that for 2022-2023 year that our Annual Community Art Exhibition will be held at a special time this September! We are excited to see all our community members and the work you have created, and to celebrate the creative vibrancy in our community.

Opening reception on September 17th, 7pm.

Submission dates September 10th and 11th: 10am -3pm. This is a non-juried exhibition, any gallery member can submit up to three works. Not a member - you can join when you drop off artwork.

You can fill out submission forms in person, or can download one here.

ONLINE Exhibition - ALONE at Acadia - ongoing

The pandemic has shown how integral art is to our daily lives, sense of community and well-being. This curated group exhibition presents the work of Nova Scotian artists whose work responds to, reflects on the impacts of COVID-19.

Participating Artists:

Rose Adams, Wayne Boucher, Geoff Butler, Louis-Charles Dionne, Frances Dorsey, Toni Clementi, Brandt Eisner, Celine Gabrielle, Annik Gaudet, François Gaudet, Bob Hainstock, Basma Kavanagh, Laura Kenney, Alexandra McCurdy, Bill Shaw, Susan Tooke, Miya Turnbull, Christopher Webb

This exhibition is supported in part by a Harrison McCain Emerging Scholar Award.

Curator: Dr. Laurie Dalton

There are several ways in which you can engage with this ONLINE project.

Virtual Exhibit

There are several ways in which you can engage with the virtual exhibition space:

  • you can opt to take a virtually guided exhibition tour, presenting a curatorial voice-over introduction to each of the artworks.
  • you can take a self-guided tour, by using your computer mouse to move the ‘green feet’ around. Remember to click on each of the artworks to see them in close up, and read the artist statements.

Click here to visit the virtual exhibition, ALONE at Acadia.

Exhibition Archive

Want to delve more into the exhibition, and learn more about the artists, artworks, and process? This site also includes the artist statements, along with ‘artist and curator in conversation’ where the artist provide a reflection on their process and inspiration behind their works created for ALONE at Acadia.

Click here to visit the exhibition archive for ALONE at Acadia.