Jennifer Angus

Hope is the Only Bee…

that makes honey without flowers

September 21 - December 6, 2016

Jennifer Angus is best known for her elaborate installations incorporating dried insects, which create patterns that reference wallpaper. These elaborate textile-inspired installations engage the emotions of the viewer, many of who bring a fear and apprehension towards insects. In this current installation, this cultural hysteria towards insects is brought up against the important role they play in nature.

In the installation that occupies the gallery walls Angus incorporates wreathes of beeswax flowers that reference memorials, as well as the Victorian tradition of hair wreathes that were made of flowers constructed from the hair of departed loved ones. Hidden within the center of a beeswax wreath is a Canadian commemorative coin with a honeybee on it, creating a stark reminder of their declining presence. The complex array of insects in the work associates their role not with societal constructs of fear, but rather one that is vital for the environment. Curator: Dr. Laurie Dalton

Opening Reception & Artist Talk: September 21, 7pm

Join us for the opening with an artist talk by Jennifer Angus about her work.

Installation in Action: September 18-20

The gallery has limited spots available for volunteers to assist with the installation, offering a behind the scenes view of the process. Contact the gallery for details.

Curatorial Talk: November 23, 2pm

Join curator Dr. Laurie Dalton for a discussion of the exhibit in the context of historical and contemporary art.

Stay tuned for details on upcoming roundtables and talks associated with the exhibit.