Calling all Maud Lewis Collectors!

Do you own a Maud Lewis?

Do you have a story about your work you want to share?

We want to hear from you!

In Summer 2018 the Acadia University Art Gallery is mounting an exhibition of folk artist, Maud Lewis. The working title for the exhibition is “I have a Maud: Personal Memories of the Artist.”

The exhibition will present works from private collections around the province, and will examine both her art practice, and her art through the personal stories, and memories that people have of the work in their collection.

Dr. Laurie Dalton, Director/Curator of the Acadia University Art Gallery is the principal curator of the exhibition. Since completing her Master’s thesis “The Scotiabank Maud Lewis Gallery and the ‘Folking’ Over of Nova Scotia” she has wanted to mount an exhibition of the late artists’ work. Dalton will be assisted by respected collector of Maud Lewis artwork Alan Deacon, and Lance Woolaver who has written the first full-length biography of the artist, Maud Lewis: the Heart on the Door.

If you have a Maud Lewis and are interested in loaning it for exhibition (August – September, 2018) contact the gallery: artgallery@acadiau.ca.  Please include the following information: image of the work, year or title (if known), short description on how you acquired the work/ a memory of the work. Submit by May 1st for consideration in exhibition.