Main Gallery



March 2 - April 12, 2018

Opening Reception & Artist Talk: March 9, 7pm

Many Worlds is a collection of images, sculpture, and video

which presents the viewer with fictionalized landscapes,

characters, elements and events from imagined worlds.

The anaglyphic 3D process creates immersive work: virtual

spaces for the viewer to enter, spend time with, and explore.

The newest work in this series utilizes layers of processes,

frequently beginning with the building of sculptures and

models, which are then photographed, and turned into

anaglyphic screen-prints on paper. When viewed with

anaglyphic glasses, these prints reveal all of the original

sculptural depth. Smith and Hammond think of this work as

collapsible sculptures. Careful attention is paid to texture,

pattern, and line in the building of these objects and

landscapes,resulting in printed images which often read

as drawings or collages, and frequently challenge the viewer

to decode the process by which they were made.

Yorodeo is the given name of Halifax-based artists

Seth Smith and Paul Hammond. Their practice is

rooted in screen-printing and collaborative drawing.

For nearly the last decade, they have been focusing

their efforts on exploring the possibilities of

hand-printed anaglyphic (red/blue) 3D screen-prints,

most recently combining this with sculptural and

video elements. They draw inspiration from comic

books, science fiction, fantasy and unintentional