Main Gallery

Andrew Steeves   WOOD TYPE

September 8 - October 13, 2021


This exhibition features a selection of wood type prints created by typographer Andrew Steeves for the artist book Literatum Ex Arboribus: An Exuberant Showing of the Wood Type at Gaspereau Press.

The prints are a whimsical celebration of wood type’s enduring potency as a tool for communicating human experiences through graphic means.

This show was organized by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

Please note: Members of the general public are encouraged to visit, but are required to pre-register following university pandemic protocols.

You can do so by clicking here.

ONLINE Exhibition - ALONE at Acadia - ongoing

The pandemic has shown how integral art is to our daily lives, sense of community and well-being. This curated group exhibition presents the work of Nova Scotian artists whose work responds to, reflects on the impacts of COVID-19.

Participating Artists:

Rose Adams, Wayne Boucher, Geoff Butler, Louis-Charles Dionne, Frances Dorsey, Toni Clementi, Brandt Eisner, Celine Gabrielle, Annik Gaudet, François Gaudet, Bob Hainstock, Basma Kavanagh, Laura Kenney, Alexandra McCurdy, Bill Shaw, Susan Tooke, Miya Turnbull, Christopher Webb

This exhibition is supported in part by a Harrison McCain Emerging Scholar Award.

Curator: Dr. Laurie Dalton

There are several ways in which you can engage with this ONLINE project.

Virtual Exhibit

There are several ways in which you can engage with the virtual exhibition space:

you can opt to take a virtually guided exhibition tour, presenting a curatorial voice-over introduction to each of the artworks.

you can take a self-guided tour, by using your computer mouse to move the ‘green feet’ around. Remember to click on each of the artworks to see them in close up, and read the artist statements.

Click here, to visit the virtual exhibition, ALONE at Acadia.

Exhibition Archive

Want to delve more into the exhibition, and learn more about the artists, artworks, and process? This site also includes the artist statements, along with ‘artist and curator in conversation’ where the artist provide a reflection on their process and inspiration behind their works created for ALONE at Acadia.

Click here, to visit the exhibition archive for, ALONE at Acadia.